Android smartphones have got a very big market share. Almost everyone uses Android OS based phones. The number one reason due to which Android OS has got a lot of popularity is its security.

There is no doubt that Android phones are very secure and the developers have done every possible effort to make it secure and safe for all the users.

One of the main security features of the Android phones is it blocks the unknown apps from installing on your smartphone without your permission.

And only allows the installation of the applications from Google Play Store.

But at times, we have to install some applications that are not available on Google Play Store. In such cases, we have to enable the installation from unknown sources on our smartphone.

So, here in this guide, I am going to describe the step by step method to enable installations from unknown sources on your smartphone.

Enabling Installation From Unknown Sources

As we know Google has rolled out many different version of Android OS and on different versions, the procedure is a bit different.

So I have written detailed guides for the different versions below;

Steps to Enable Installation on Oreo (8.0) or Higher

The procedure to enable the installations from unknown sources on Android Oreo and the higher versions has been completely changed, in the older version (7.0 or later) we have to just enable it and apps from any source can be installed. But in the Oreo or higher version, we can control which applications can install APK files.

Follow the below steps to proceed;

  1. Open the application drawer and tap on the Settings Application.

    Open Settings Application

  2. Now tap on the Security and Privacy option to proceed to the next step.

    Security & Privacy

  3. On the next screen tap on the More option if you are not seeing the “install unknown apps“.

    Tap on More

  4. Now tap on the “Install Unknown Apps“.

    Install Unknown Apps

  5. Its time to choose which application should be allowed to install unknown applications, in our case we want to install it from File Manager. So choose it.

    Choose From Where you wan to install unknown Apps

  6. Finally, turn on the “Allow App Install” by toggling the switch to on.

    Toggle the Swit to enable it

That’s it.

Steps to Enable Installation on Nougat (7.0) or Later

The procedure for enabling the installations on the Android Nougat and the later versions of the Android is almost the same.

However, the main difference in it and the latest version is that in the latest version you can specify which applications are allowed to install unknown apps (APK) on your smartphone. While on the Nougat or later devices you enable installations for all the apps and sources.

Follow the below-given steps to proceed;

  1. Firstly, open the Settings application and tap on the Security option.
    Open Settings and Tap Security
  2. Now tap on the Lock Screen and Security option.
    Tap on Lock Screen And Security Option
  3. Under the device administration, tap on Unknown Sources.
    Enable Installation From Unknown Sources
  4. A warning message will appear tap on OK.
    Press OK

That’s it.

Now you have successfully enabled installations from third-party apps on your smartphone and now applications can be installed on your phone using their APK packages.

Important FAQs

How to Turn off Installation from Unknown Sources on Android?

To turn off the installations from unknown sources on your smartphone simply follow the above steps and toggle the turn off button instead of turn on.

What are the benefits of enabling installations from unknown sources?

When you enable the install from unknown sources you can install the application from their package files that can be downloaded from the internet.


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